Just right now, about 1200 satellites circulates around the globe! Satellite data, acquired by these satellites, are received and collected in satellite data receiving stations, all over the world. This data are subsequently processed by the experts and the extraordinary knowledge is being obtained O

On the basis of satellite data, we can forecast the weather with high accuracy, we fly airplanes safely and we use our navigation systems. Thanks to the satellite data we can also monitor and explore these areas which are unattainable for human.

But satellite data can be very useful and beneficial in our everyday life and work and economy. 

Proposed Service is designed to use the satellite data in an operational way to monitor the energy crops plantations and deliver information and maps on soil moisture, biomass amount, crops growth conditions and yield prognosis. 

This is how we intent to do it:



On the basis of satellite data, the vegetation and soil indexes can be assessed, which characterize:

  • Crops growing conditions,
  • Soil moisture,
  • Amount of biomass
  • Yield progosis;