Project Partners:

Institute of Geodesy and Cartography –

Remote Sensing Department of IGiK employs 15 experts, whose interests focus on: vegetation and crop classification; assessment of biomass; estimates of crop yield and yield prognosis; drought detection and monitoring; estimates of heat fluxes; soil moisture assessment; natural hazards detection and monitoring; assessment of carbon balance; use of remote sensing techniques for hydrology and water management in wetland, grassland, forest and agriculture areas.

IGiK has long experience in international and national cooperation.

RG Consulting

The RG Consulting company was established in 2003 and it provides the consultation in the scope of management and running the economic activities. In the period 2004 – 2011, the entity managed the plantation of energy plants with area of 100 ha. The company is also focused on consultations in biomass market and it specializes in analyzes of demands and supplies of biomass for energy purposes. The company’s owner – Mr Ryszard Gajewski is the high level expert in the domain of renewable energy sources with the emphasis on plants dedicated for energy production.

Polish Chamber of Biomass –

Polish Chamber of Biomass is an association of over 100 entities, among which are: producers of biomass used for energy purposes, producers of biomass fuels, producers of appliances used in the production of biomass fuels, producers of appliances for the energy use of biomass, sales people of above-mentioned products, producers of energy with biomass component, institutions and organizations working in the field of biomass promotion. Main goals of the Polish Chamber of Biomass are the following: to increase production of biomass used for energy purposes, to increase production of appliances for the energy use of biomass, to increase the energy use of biomass where justified by economic and social criteria, to increase export of biomass and appliances for the energy use of biomass.

REO Foundation –

REO Foundation was established for the development of renewable energy in Poland. Its main goal is the promotion and popularisation of renewable energy sources, but also of broadly defined environmental activity. Major goals of Foundations are: dissemination and promotion of knowledge about the renewable energy market and individual solutions, promotion of alternative methods for energy generation and support for scientific research and development of individual solutions in this area, preparation, support and promotion of initiatives and solutions, especially of scientific, technical, legal and legislative character related to the development of innovative energy industry, with a special account of renewable energy in Poland, scientific activity in the area of renewable energy. is the first professional portal in Poland dedicated entirely to Renewable Energy Sources updated every day with the RES market news from Poland and Europe. It is the significant information source for green technologies, financing, law and RES events.

National Supporter of Economic Growth –  

The service has become a follow-up to and an expansion of the subject matter raised in the pages of the magazine Farmer (published for over 80 years) – it is the primary source of information for the agricultural sector in Poland, as well as for its market environment. The service is considered as “online daily paper” by the participants in the agricultural market and the broadly defined agricultural industry in Poland. Farm owners, planters and breeders, as well as representatives of enterprises and institutions that work for agriculture, are provided with access to fast and verified information owing to the service that has become a leader in the field of up-to-date information from the industry in a relatively short time. records over 1 600 000 page views a month and the number of individual users amounts to nearly 250 000 a month.